RELEASE RADAR | Cappa releases music video for "Waste My Time"

PLUS: The Go! Team, Keyon Harrold, Adrian Daniel, James Arthur, Cassandra Violet, Percival Elliott, Anna Shoemaker, Axel Mansoor

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This week, we've got music videos, singles, EP releases you name it. Check out this week's hottest new releases from Cappa to James Arthur to Keyon Harrold and everything in between.

Cappa | "Waste My Time"

Cappa is back with a long awaited music video for her recent single "Waste My Time." The Song is a total ear worm. The catchy beat and hook get under your skin and you can't help but move with the song. The music video is the perfect visual representation of that. Cappa looks flawless as she tells her former lover boy bye. In some undefined desert area, the music video makes you want to go to the desert and live your best life. WATCH IT.

Best for: Saying bye Felicia
Perfect if you like: Halsey

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The Go! Team | "Mayday"

This jazzy combo is light and energetic. The perfect song for driving to. The horns energize as the song progresses. LISTEN.

Best for: driving on the highway
Perfect if you like: Alabama Shakes

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Keyon Harrold | "The Mugician"

Following this week's jazz kick, Keyon's new Song the Mugician coasts in a relaxed but expectant area. Keyon's smooth, deliberate voice is the perfect added touch to This amazing piece. LISTEN.

Perfect for: wine and dine
Best if you like: Christian Scott

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Adrian Daniel | "Open Up"

Adrian's voice was the first thing that drew me to this track. The powerful, metallic sounding beat supports his equally powerful voice. LISTEN.

Perfect for: romantic music with your honey
Best if you like: Zayn

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James Arthur | "Naked"

This music video is gorgeous and creative. We often see throwback videos of the 20's but I've yet to see an artist explore the iconic 60s talk show era. James' voice is raw and stunning as usual and the song is a great follow up to his recent hit "say you won't let go" WATCH IT:

Perfect for: date night
Best if you like: Sam Smith

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Cassandra Violet | "X the Line"

This is my new favorite song off of Cassandra's EP. The song is equal parts dreamy and badass. Heavier than most of her music, she makes such a great use of guitar and unique percussion. LISTEN:

Perfect for: solo dance parties
Best if you like: Florence and the Machine

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Percival Elliott | Forever

This song is the perfect chill music that consumes you. You know, like your Radiohead's and bon Ivers. This song is downright pretty but moving a layered as well. I love the strings on it along with the really haunting vocals. LISTEN.

Best for: lounging on a Sunday
Perfect if you like: Bon Iver

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Anna Shoemaker | "Bitch Don't Kill My Cocoa Butter Kisses"

Anna's cover mash up on bitch don't kill my cocoa butter kisses is fun, intimate, and pleasantly strange. We get a glimpse into the world of eccentric Anna and her friends. Her stunning voice is of course the main event. WATCH IT:

Best for: girls night out winding down with wine
Perfect if you like: Amy Winehouse

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Axel Mansoor | "Talk to Me"

Axel Mansoor's velvety voice leads his amazingly sweet song. The music video is even sweeter. Mansoor taps into the social media courting culture and is a series of snaps where he and his lover have a long distance relationship from LA to NYC. WATCH IT:

Perfect for: your next mixtape for your lover
Best if you like: Niall Horan

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