Korean artist Psy's video for "Gangnam Style," at the time of posting, had just shy of 30,000,000 YouTube views. (OK, a couple hundred thousand shy, but at the rate it's going, that counts as "just.") There are two reasons for this. One, he's got a fanbase, and pop fanbases tend to do things like rack up YouTube video hits. Two, the video has all of the following: explosions, dancing horses, human drawbridges, being ON A BOAT and elevator dance-bombing, and this list omits about a dozen moments. These things tend to make videos viral; when we Googled the video, the first hit was Know Your Meme. (And this sentence, in that post: "In colloquial usage, it is comparable to the English slang terms “swag” or “yolo”.")

There's just one problem. "Gangnam Style" is primarily a song, not a meme. And so while this remix and new video with HyunA of "Bubble Pop" fame (and also a benefactor/victim of the meme machine) is almost certainly out to capitalize on said 30 million views, we'd like to think it's that sort of statement. OK, yes, Psy performs in front of a giant PSY, as if to say "Hi, world! I have a back catalogue!" And yes, the horse-riding dance still shows up. But it's undeniably a more serious version. The screenshots tend to look less like Michael Bay or LMFAO stills and more like this:

...Giving the verses to HyunA just makes the song better, OK? In the same way that 3OH!3 is never the best part of their own songs and that HyunA is generally a pretty great part of hers. (Also from this year.