In light of Whitney Houston t-shirts popping up on street corners in Newark, NJ—and domains conveniently named R.I.P Whitney Houston Shirts—additional opportunists are finding ways to celebrate the singer's legacy through questionable items available for purchase. While you could spend your time trolling the Internet for various Whitney-related items, Regretsy has culled all these borderline insensitive pieces of junk people are choosing to label as "commemorative" and hawk online for their own financial gain. Healing through tragicrafting, y'all. Yes, it's a real thing.

Whether your personal Whitney Houston memories are most closely represented by a clock that lets all divas known life won't last forever, or a collection of fibers in '80s colors—because Neon Green, Sunshine Yellow and True Cherry Red didn't make it past '89—loosely based on the "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" video, feel a bit better about yourselves knowing there are some people in this world who are utterly shameless. Then again, this is what the Internet is for. Browse through your Whitney-related items of choice, below. And after your finished, pull some half-eaten sandwich from the garbage and say it's just like the one Whitney consumed sometime between 1992 and 1998. There could be an extra 20 bucks in your future.