This is one of those things that should go without saying, but here it is again: When you buy a ticket to see your favorite artist perform, that ticket does not mean you get to molest them.

You can do a lot of other things at a concert! You can listen to music. You can dance. You can jump up and down. Or you can stand very still with your arms crossed in front of you. You can do whatever!

Heck, sometimes you can even touch the person performing. Like, say, if they reach out their hand to you, feel free to reach out and touch it! And if they throw their hair at you, you're totally allowed to let that glamorous hair wash all over you. (Don't pull their hair, though. That's rude.)

You're not allowed to molest them, though.

This is true even if they're a man. Even if they're a rapper. And even if they're a rapper who raps about sex. Rapping about sex doesn't mean they want to have it with you, a person they don't know. (And even if they theoretically do want to have sex with you, that doesn't necessarily mean they want to have sex with you at that exact moment, right in front of everybody. They're at work.)

This is also true even if you think you're being "playful." Buying a ticket to someone's show doesn't mean you're allowed to slap their ass. Even if it's a famous ass! You know what gives you permission to slap someone's ass? When they tell you you can slap their ass. It's that simple! Want to give money to someone whose ass you can slap with abandon? There are other places you can go for that. Don't do it at a concert.

Hopefully, this is all very obvious to 99% of you, but judging from this video from a Beyonce concert this weekend, we thought there might be some people in need of a refresher. Hopefully this has helped!