Reneé Dominique Enlists Jason Mraz For Stirring "Could I Love You Any More"

The YouTube-famous singer-songwriter teams up with the love-pop aficionado for a stirring, earnest love ballad.

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YouTube sensation Reneé Dominique's latest single is a gentle yet engaging pivot from the mold of 2019 pop.

"Could I Love You Any More" is Dominique's soaring duet with Jason Mraz, who's no stranger to the softer, more earnest spaces in pop. Laden with gliding guitars and backed by a contemplative drumline, the track takes the shape of two lovers giving a name to their love, enchanted by its possibilities and warm in its embrace. There's an openness in the song that's rare, an intimate immediacy complemented by the two vocalists' effortless and inviting interplay.

"When I'm with you, the world starts turning," Dominique and Mraz harmonize just before the hook. "Could I Love You" is a dialogue between two people genuinely captivated by each other and the love that's grown between them. Mraz sounds right at home against the sumptuous production, his voice spinning pleasantly off of Dominique's, but Dominique controls the song's pace, her voice pointed with urgency and still sweet in its passion. There's something almost nostalgic about the straightforward message "Could I Love You Any More," how it chooses not to dress its sound in overly-complex synths or a hot-tempered beat. It works in the song's favor that it stays down-to-earth, reaching its heights from the pure fascination of new love. With the blessing of Mraz's particular lovesick aesthetic, Reneé Dominique has added a stirring entry into the pop landscape, a love song for its own sake.