Consider the source, but Perez Hilton is reporting that Britney Spears might not be ready to launch her 26-date North American tour. Hilton, who claimed on Friday that Mariah Carey was in labor (April Fool's!), wrote that Spears is looking to delay the start of her tour, ostensibly to raise the level of her stagecraft, which has hovered somewhere between wooden and undead in recent appearances. A source close to Britney said this to Perez:

"Britney has told her management that she wants to push back her concert dates because she's not feeling ready. She doesn't feel she has enough time to prepare and has asked management to pull all her dates and postpone everything until later on in the year. She's a perfectionist and wants everything to be better than ever before. She is having to compete with other huge female stars such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga now, so [she] wants to step the show up. Obviously it's gone down like a lead balloon because venues and staff are booked and ready to go. They are trying to talk her round or at least hoping she'll consider going out in September. Either way, there are a lot of meetings going on about how to announce it and handle it. It's a massive headache."

If true, we can't fault Britney for wanting to bring her "A" game. However, short of discovering the secret to time travel or eternal youth (or just some really, really good pharmaceuticals), we're not sure what Britney can do in a few months to rival the performance skills of Rihanna or Gaga. That train may have left the station many, many Frappuccinos ago.

UPDATE: Never mind! Britney's manager says the tour is on. We apologize for stupidly believing anything Perez Hilton reports. Won't happen again

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