Return of the Chicks: Dixies to Headline Festival, Natalie Maines to Release Solo Album

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For a group that's released two (TWO!) diamond-selling albums within the last 15 years, the Dixie Chicks sure have dropped off the face of the earth for a little while. Not entirely their fault, of course—the group was embroiled in exhausting and unfair controversy after their anti-President Bush (W., that is—haven't been gone that long) comments dropped them out of favor with the country community that harvested them—but still, their defiant last album Taking the Long Way was a relative success, winning just about every Grammy conceivable and spinning off the hit "Not Ready to Make Nice." We'd hoped to hear from them again in the six years since.

Well, no new Dixies album yet, but two of the next-best things. The group will reunite to headline the Craven Country Jamboree Festival in Saskatchewan, Candada, their first non-charity gig together in years (so if you just happen to be in the area...), and perhaps more compellingly, lead singer Natalie Maines will be releasing a solo album, her first. The album, due May 7th will be entitled Mother (named after the Pink Floyd song—seriously) and will likely be produced by singer/songwriter Ben Harper—a rock affair, rather than a country one. Rock fans are cool with a controversial opinion every now and then, right?

Will be great to have you ladies back. We can't be letting Toby Keith believe he's won, after all.

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