Lil Wayne is something like the Don Corleone of rap these days—rappers and pop stars are lining up outside his office to ask him for guest verses, which he very well may grant, but someday, he may ask a favor of you. So while Lil Wayne helped propel Enrique Iglesias' "Dirty Dancer" into the top 20, ain't shit for free in this here pop game, and now Iglesias helps repay his debt by grabbing his auto-tuner and hopping on the remix to Wayne's Carter IV single "How to Love." The Spanish pop star trades verses with Weezy in the song, singing of course in his native tongue—reminding us of his balladeer days before the Jersey Shore cast got a hold of him.

Actually, you know what "How to Love" really reminds us of, even though we didn't notice it until now? An old hit by Enrique's cohort in the Latin pop explosion of the late-'90s, Ricky Martin. Remember "She's All I Ever Had," Ricky's big ballad follow-up to "Livin' La Vida Loca"? Check out the new Wayne remix, and then listen to it back-to-back with the Martin tune, and tell us if you don't hear the simiarity.