Red Hot Chili Peppers give us a hint of what we'll be seeing in their upcoming concert film in the new performance-heavy video for "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" Ooh, you mean the one that was supposed to be directed by Kreayshawn?! Apparently the band pulled a Lady Gaga and decided to switch things up at the last minute, going with the vision of director Mark Klasfeld after the rapper-director filmed an earlier version last month. "For those asking, the Kreayshawn vid just didn't work out, that happens sometimes, I think Kreayshawn is awesome and a great artist," Flea tweeted on Monday. The result is arguably less interesting than something the "Gucci Gucci" meme turned potentially legitimate artist would have created, with far fewer nods to Walt Disney, and lacks the same emotion a Justin Bieber cameo could have conjured up. But it's still RHCP at their most shirtless best, performing live atop a building in Venice Beach, Calif. while happy fans funk it up to their sounds below. Aside from Anthony Kiedis' moustache, it's like nothing's changed! Plus, drummer Chad Smith rocks the cowbell, which is fitting given his likeness to this guy. So if your summer activities have left you strapped for cash and unable to afford a ticket to the concert film when it hits theaters August 30, get a feel for what RHCP is like live by watching this clip at full volume, preferably shirtless.

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