Richie Slams Rogen For Nude Photos Tweet—Seth Says He's Never Heard Of 'Asshole' Nik

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Nik Richie and Seth Rogen are at war—after founder slammed the actor on Twitter—and all because poor Seth thinks it's shitty to repost stolen nude photos.

While Seth never mentioned Jennifer Lawrence or any other victims of the iCloud phone hacking disaster by name, he tweeted, "Posting pics hacked from someone's cell phone is really no different than selling stolen merchandise."

This completely reasonable and admirable sentiment clearly rubbed Nik the wrong way, and the following twitter exchange happened:


It's no surprise Nik was offended by Seth's viewpoint, considering his entire website is designed to exploit and humiliate women who never asked for it. Nik, of course, posted every nude hacked pic, before calling Kate Upton "whale wars" for daring to be anything other than a size 0.

But the best tweet from the douchebag was this one:


"I feel like @VictoriaJustice and @ArianaGrande are lying. Just own up to being sluts and let's move on. #IfMyPhoneGotHacked."


Nice. So they're sluts because they had private images that they took STOLEN from them?

Firmly Team Seth on this one!


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