Mariah Carey will have a new single out in early August--so, in other words, really soon. Fantastic. (And the right time for it.) Mariah Carey's new single is called "Triumphant (Get 'Em.)" Excellent; fans have already collapsed the nation over. Mariah Carey's new single features Rick Ross and Meek Mill. What the hell?

When Mariah Carey teamed up with The-Dream, that didn't seem like the greatest of ideas, and yet it somehow turned out pretty well. Rick Ross's far from the least promising guest feature Carey's had, and besides, he's guested on a Mariah Carey remix before. But guesting on a remix and bringing Meek Mill to what sounds suspiciously like a standard-issue Maybach track--the thing is called "Triumphant"--are entirely different things. This could work. This could be a trend-chasing disaster. Either way, it's probably going to sound fairly big--and, if this tweet is any indication, possibly like a Rick Ross remix of "Hero."

While you break your brain trying to imagine that Maybach Music "Hero" remix, here's a refresher on their past work.