Turns out Rick Ross didn't play in North Carolina this weekend after all, as he was scheduled to--the rapper canceled at the last minute citing the health issues that've put him in the hospital twice this week. No word yet on whether his upcoming shows (Friday in Atlanta; Sunday with Busta Rhymes in Los Angeles) will still be on, but there is word on his condition. In fact, there's photographic proof; you're looking at it.

By "photographic proof," we mean DJ Khaled posted this to Twitpic, a picture of him, Ross and Gucci Pucci of Maybach Music Group in front of Wing Stop in Memphis, all parties looking very much alive. Along with the photo was a message: "My brother ROZAY!!IS GOOD!!!" So that's that. At least we hope that's that; it's bad enough to be in the hospital once, but twice in a week is the sort of experience nobody wants to have continue.