In this modern age, is it still possible for Rick Ross to "Have It All"?

Rappers today have been raised to believe that they'll be able to do it all, no matter what field they're in: Work hard enough, and you too can buy expensive cars and expensive jewelry, pal around with celebrities and get into Twitter feuds, release albums that sell well and are hits with critics. It's a comforting myth, but has it raised rappers' expectations to an unreasonable level, given the way America's hip-hop game is currently structured?

Look at Rick Ross, and you might think "There's a guy who's got it all figured out." A rapper working at the very highest levels of the genre, while still finding time to feud with Young Jeezy and release two more videos from Self-Made Vol. II this week—he of all people should not have to compromise.

But, looking through the new videos for "Bury Me a G" (which, coincidentally, is the best critique of Two Chainz' "Birthday Song" out there) and "Fountain of Youth, it's clear that Rozay's furious video-making regimen has taken away his ability to enjoy one of his favorite hobbies. The evidence, below:




It's time to stop fooling ourselves. If Rick Ross' hectic schedule means that can't even find the time now to take off his shirt for a music video, well, that's a sign we should re-think our priorities as a society.