For his first new album since officially graduating to being one of the biggest names and brands in hip-hop, Rick Ross is smart enough to know that he's gotta come as correct as humanly possible with the now-delayed God Forgives, I Don't. It's no surprise, then, that Rozay would consult with some of those who have come before him and know a thing or two about success in this here rap game, to make sure that he was leaving nothing up to chance with the album's potential for greatness. (And hey, if he can get a couple beats out of the process, then why not take advantage of the opportunity?) The Boss tweeted last night about being in the studio with Timbaland, "get'n priceless music x advice," and about talking to Dr. Dre on the phone, calling Dre his "biggest influence" and saying he "changed my life with a phone call."

When talking about the most important figures in shaping the hip-hop landscape of the last 20 years, both Dre and Timbaland have to be in the top ten, and if Rick Ross wants to be part of that discussion himself someday, he is indeed wise to sap both resources for every piece of truth they can possibly drop on him. We just hope the meeting of the minds between Rozay and the two hip-hop pillars results in collaboration musical as well as intellectual (and possibly metaphysical). How nice would The Boss sound over a "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" or a "Next Episode"?