If it feels like Rick Ross just released an album last year, that's because he did—as well as a mixtape, a label compilation, a couple singles and about 30 music videos (conservative estimate). But Rick Ross isn't exactly the take-a-year-off-and-soak-it-in type, so barely a week into the 2013 calendar year, we already have news of a new Rozay album. No release date yet, but we have a title, Mastermind (suppose they can't all be God Forgives, I Don't), as well as cover art:

And a trailer:

Of course it's not so much a trailer for the album as it is a two-and-a-half-minute advertisement for the Rozay lifestyle, including hot tubs, furry kittens (literal ones, and also some hot chicks) and enough Ciroc to infect a small village with gout, soundtracked by some old soul cuts that Ross has sampled for his songs at some point. It's all very Boss, though it tells us little about the album itself, and could just as easily be any of his 47 (again, conservative estimate) music videos from last year.

Anyway, with Rozay, more is (almost always) better, so we look forward to getting this album, and also probably its sequel and a couple different re-issues of it, sometime this year. It's been too long since we've heard that comforting "M-M-M-M-MAYBACH MUSIC!" sample anyway—like a week, at least.