Rick Ross, a music-video auteur so prolific he once released two videos in a three-day span, has been suspiciously silent of late. What gives? Has even the man who came up bragging "Every day I'm hustlin'" gotten tired of the incessant grind the rap game demands of him?

Thankfully, no. It turns out Rozay's music-video sabbatical has a simple explanation: He was filming a multi-episode guest arc on the premium cable drama Magic City!

For those readers unaware of the Starz network's original programming slate, Magic City is the story of nightlife impresario Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), whose Miramar Playa is the hottest hotel in 1950s Miami. Ross will appear in the show's second season as a character called "The Bolita Boss," of which very little is known. Something tell us, though, the role won't be too far outside Ross' comfort zone.

Ross' character appears in this trailer at about 1:35. Somewhat hilariously, they haven't changed his look to fit the 1950s setting one bit. Who's going to tell Rick Ross to get a more period-appropriate beard? He's the Boss!