Jeez, Rick Ross. If anyone's earned the right to take the night or week or month or foreseeable future off from performing and/or doing anything involving travel, it's you. Look at Adele and her tour cancellations. Nobody's launching an anti-Adele campaign--and those are just her vocal cords! Career-worrying, but not life-threatening.

At any rate, TMZ reports (reports that XXL picked up--albeit without much more confirmation--so it's kinda-sorta possibly legit) that Ross will perform in Greensboro, N.C. tonight as scheduled, despite suffering two seizures yesterday and being placed in the hospital. Honestly, we're kind of hoping these reports get debunked, not because of the possibility of North Carolinians getting fleeced out of a Rick Ross show but because of the possibility of Ross getting a chance to recover without breakneck touring.

For what it's worth, Ross has been silent on Twitter since (this is significant because he wasn't silent on Twitter before.), if you want to cite that for anything.