Over the course of almost three full seasons, there are likely a few performers who believe their guest spots single-handedly changed Glee for the better. Kristin Chenoweth was the first to make repeat appearances in season one, while Gwyneth Paltrow parlayed her prime-time performance into a Grammy gig and a cameo on the show's summer tour—whether we wanted it or not. Despite the presumed mutual affection, it appears the cast and crew are more than willing to drop a former guest star the minute something shiny and pretty comes their way. (We hope those two commemorated their special moments with appropriate scrapbooking, or wallowing amidst cartoons of half-eaten takeout.) Enter Ricky Martin, who'll be joining McKinley High this Tuesday as David Martinez, the profesor de español to end all profesors de español, to school Will Schuester on linguistics and a bilingual chair dancing routine to—what else—LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." "This is how I meet the glee club: 'Hi, nice to meet you. I'm sexy and I know it, and let's dance,'" the singer says in a behind-the-scenes video that hints at the joyful feeling emanating from his presence. "In my three years on Glee, I've never seen a guest star walk onto set and literally everyone is just melting," Chris Colfer explains. Lea Michele fans herself, Naya Rivera nervously laughs, Cory Monteith does a body roll. Sorry, Kris & Gwynnie; those are signs of true love.

But it's not all warm and fuzzies (on our end): Matthew Morrison is wearing a matador outfit, so there's still room for laughs. We eagerly await Martin's full performance, as well as the next GOOP newsletter with a special op-ed about the hypersexuality of television, particularly in regards to handsome men from Puerto Rico.