Well, Huffington Post has already nominated it for Worst Music Video Ever and Best Week Ever has already given it Next Friday (as in, the Rebecca Black song, not the Ice Cube/Chris Tucker comedy) status, which in viral video terms, is kind of like calling an artist the "Next Adele" or "Next Beatles" or "Next Moses." But in case you haven't seen it yet, we present you "Hot Problems," the new jam from Hot Girl duo Double Take. As you've likely already guessed, the song is a lamentation of the trials and tribulations of being considerably physically attractive—which the two ladies in question are, though in the perfectly bland, anonymous way that you forget what they look like as soon as you turn away from them—keyed around the chorus lyric "Hot girls, we have problems too / We're just like you / Except we're hot."

The video has all the trappings you'd predict—the chintzy production (centered around two shots, one of Hot Problems in the back seat of a limo and an exterior of said limo blazing around the city), the off-key harmonizing, and of course, the ridiculous lyrics. ("I got the look / And I got the butt / But those things don't make me a [shhhhh…]" is a personal favorite). But what really sets it apart, what makes it possibly meritous of using the "F" word when discussing it, is the way Hot Problems look and sound like they're on codeine or cough syrup or just a whole lotta vodka tonics while performing—all their singing is lazy to the point of being slurred, and their movements are like they're stuck in molasses and might lose total motor functionality at any point. It gives the video the same kind of "Am I really watching this? What the hell is going on here?" quality that our girl RB had in her masterwork.

Does that mean that it deserves such claims? Well, that's not an assessment that can be made after just a couple of days and a couple of views—it takes a hundred or so of each to know if it's truly "Friday"-worthy. Give it a chance, though, see if it sticks. You may know all the words by day's end. "Weird guys call my phone, and girls call me names / But like Miley said, I can't be tamed."