A brief rundown on where we are on this Azealia Banks-Angel Haze feud, which feels like it has been going on forever but is surprisingly only 30 hours old:

1. Angel Haze takes Azealia Banks' tweets about New York cred as an insult, igniting a Twitter feud that culminates in Haze's nasty diss track, "On the Edge."

2. Azealia Banks responds with "No Problems," a comparatively friendly jam about how people are jealous of Azealia Banks and probably have crushes on her. This of course starts another Twitter feud.

3. Angel Haze drops her second diss, the positively merciless "Shut the Fuck Up," which takes shots on Banks' teeth, text messages, and general life: "How much Twitter beef does it take to wanna make you get / Into the studio and come up with a different flow / Not try to recreate "212" / The only shit you know."

After the song dropped, both rappers took to Twitter to make their final arguments:


So, at the end of it all, who won? Well, in a sense we all did—but in another, more accurate sense, Angel Haze definitely came away from this feud with the victory. Like the Republicans in the fiscal cliff debate, Haze was ready to escalate the fight at the merest provocation, a tactic that left each of their opponents reeling and disoriented. 'Grats, Haze! May 2013 be filled with many happy feuds for you.

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