Some people just get more hours in a day than the rest of us. Rihanna isn't even done promoting last year's Talk That Talk—fifth single "Where Have You Been" just hit the top ten—and she's also living a crazy 24-year-old lifestyle, going to strip clubs and inspiring club feuds and such. But she's already working on what comes next, and might very well have a new album out by the end of the year. (Makes sense—2008 was the last calendar year that came and went without a new Rihanna album. Once you get a streak like that going...)

To this end, Ri has already enlisted the studio time of a number of hot-shit producers, most of them from the EDM world—including David Guetta, Dutch DJ Nicky Romero, and Calvin Harris bud BURNS. No word yet on whether Calvin himself is gonna step to, but after his pair of TTT productions ended up being the album's two biggest hits, we'd feel relatively comfortable wagering on a round three. Oh yeah, and once she's done with all that, there's another world tour planned for 2013. No catching up on the Real Housewives DV-R queue for Ms. Fenty anytime this decade, would seem.

Anyway, we're excited for the next step in Rihanna's career as a 21st century disco diva. Donna Summer would be proud.

[Prophet Blog]