We've all been there—an old buddy has a breakup with a long-time flame, and suddenly you're on 24-hour Cheer Up Buddy duty for a couple weeks, months or years. (True friends don't need to be asked—they just do it.) Katy Perry, undergoing a divorce from comedian husband Russell Brand, has such a pal in fellow pop superpower Rihanna. It's being reported that after the split, Rihanna and Katy have put their busy Famous People schedules on hold in order to take a trip to Mexico. "Rihanna has been there for Katy, texting her from Miami where she’s on holiday," sources claim. "Now they are planning a girlie getaway so Katy can clear her head." (Incidentally, some sources have been saying that Perry's friendship with Rihanna was one of the causes of friction between the former and her soon-to-be ex—perhaps guilt is a slight motivation here for the Barbadian megastar?)

Anyway, we hope this turns out to be true, and we're excited to hear all about the gory details about the pair's adventures south of the border. We're guessing it'll be a little Thelma and Louise, a little "Telephone," a little Harold and Kumar and a little Y Tu Mama Tambien. At the very least, the inevitable paparazzi shots should be legendary.