Rihanna Feels the Distance in New "California King Bed" Video

"On this California king bed / We're 10,000 miles apart," Rihanna sings in new single "California King Bed." Well, there's the king bed, there's the shores of Los Angeles, and there's certainly the oft-implied distance all present in the song's video, directed by frequent Ri-Ri-collaborator Anthony Mandler. Like seemingly all the not-dirty Rihanna clips, there's lots of soft, gauzy shots of the lovely singer sprawled about in her undergarments in open fields and between the sheets, as she caresses and stares longingly at the hunky male model (apparently handpicked by Ri for his gorgeous abs) ostensibly lying next to her, yet feeling so far away. The point is made literal by a shot of Rihanna drifting across the bed without moving, as her love becomes further and further out of reach. Technology!

It's not exactly essential viral viewing—we have higher hopes for "Man Down"—but it is of course rather pretty, and anyway, who knows how much longer Rihanna's going to keep that fire-red hair? This video might be a cultural artifact before we know it.

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