Rihanna Fires Jay-Z As Her Manager


You can count Rihanna as one person who does not appear to be moved to tears by news of Beyoncé's pregnancy. After Sunday's public belly rub confirmed B and husband Jay-Z are expecting, Rihanna has decided to fire Jay as her manager, MediaTakeOut reports. The Barbadian was considering the move back in April, when she became aware of "financial irregularities" that occurred among her RocNation management team once they began "unofficially" managing Beyoncé, whom she felt would get first pick of any incoming endorsement deals. And now that Jay and Bey have announced they're expanding their empire, Rihanna is reportedly looking to make a clean break from RocNation all together. The Queen B Inferiority Complex: not just for us little people.

While Jay-Z is often credited with discovering and mentoring Rihanna, if all these details prove true, this has every possibility to get very complicated. Rihanna is currently in the middle of filing a lawsuit against the sister of Jay Brown, her official RocNation manager. Rihanna is suing the woman for fraud, claiming she knowingly encouraged her to purchase a faulty home in 2009, and lied about its poor conditions. Between RiRi's concerns and the rumors that Jay and Kanye West were fighting over Watch The Throne, the loving atmosphere we've imagined at annual Rocafella holiday parties has severely come into question.

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