The transitive property of pop: if you have a hit song, and if you have a sibling, your sibling will soon have a song. (We're not claiming it's mathematically accurate.) Results vary massively; for every Solange Knowles is an Aaron Carter, and for each of those are about three would-be musicians who end up as fan trivia items. Now then. Rihanna has several hit songs. She has a brother, Rorrey Fenty, who also goes by GQ. By this property, Rorrey should have a song, and he does! A guest spot, technically, on rapper Teff Mayweather's "Army," but that counts, right?

Let's not even broach the question about Rih's shadow and whether Rorrey is in or out of it; Rihanna's all over this track, from Teff's "I'm from Barbados, so all my women look like Rihanna" line (we're trusting the commentariat that this is in fact Teff, because otherwise, ew) and the sample of Rated R's "G4L," produced by British dance/dubstep duo Chase & Status, over which Rorrey sings decently for a few bars. It's actually an inspired, non-obvious sample. Nepotism has its perks! Now let's wait a few months for the full track or at least fuller feature.