When we saw photos of the chilly set for Rihanna's upcoming music video, we assumed wardrobe budgets had been slashed and bras were now considered an elected expense. Thankfully a new behind-the-scenes teaser for "Diamonds" proves that Rihanna was treated well during the Los Angeles shoot, and just very low-maintenance while on set. Watch below as she's seen prancing around local firefighters in a leopard-print bathrobe and touching up her own makeup in between takes. Yes, just give her access to Instagram and drape her in warm, fuzzy "Love the Way You Lie" lighting and all will be well. There's also confirmation that she can continually rock variations of a close-cropped hairstyle, as she's putting her own stamp on The Cassie (sorry, Skrillex).

Of course the empty desert-like backdrop and single white horse likely cost production a pretty penny, and we haven't even gotten to talking about the various objects engulfed in flames.

Catch the video when it premieres in full on MTV this Thursday. Now that she's celebrated Obama's victory and various marijuana-related legislation, RiRi can fully focus on the release of Unapologetic and her upcoming whirlwind of a world tour. She's taking the stage at Saturday Night Live this weekend, and is apparently stumped over what song to perform:

Now's your chance to flood the zone with pleas for a "Pon de Replay" throwback. But please, no "Nobodies Business." We're not emotionally prepared for that.