Those who like to get a jump start on their holiday shopping, take note: Rihanna will offer a deluxe version of her upcoming album, Unapologetic, priced at $250. Dubbed as a "limited edition art piece for a true collector," Rih Rih's Diamonds Executive Platinum Box raises the bar considerably as far special releases and fans' Christmas lists are concerned. If you want to impress your spoiled nieces and nephews, start saving up.

According to AOL Music, the shinier version of her seventh LP will include a vinyl recording with remixes of tracks like "Diamonds," a 20-minute DVD, a 40-page book of lyrics and notes, a View Master with photos of the singer documenting her personal style evolution over the years. There'll also be a poster, seven art-print lithographs, seven laptop stickers, a two gigabyte flash drive branded with Rih's face, a t-shirt and a handwritten, "personal" note from the 24-year-old, delivered in a "collar box with trap door designs." At that steep of a price, we were also expecting a lock of hair, hour-long tattoo consultation and personalized Potoscope reading from Rihanna herself.

The special-edition box set ships December 11, nearly a month after Unapologetic is released (November 12). While you mull over whether or not you're willing to take the financial plunge, here are a list of things less expensive than Rih Rih's Diamonds Executive Platinum Box:

Taylor Swift, likely one of Rihanna's year-end sales competitors, just sold 1.2 million copies of Red in its opening week despite unveiling as many as five tracks off the album before its official release date. Many attribute her strong sales numbers to its exclusion from Spotify and a $14.99 price tag on iTunes. We're no mathematicians, but at $250 a pop, Rih Rih should then expect to sell one BILLION copies, yes? No? OK then.