Forget lipstick, nail polish or clothing—a haircut or a dye job is one of the easiest ways to totally change your look. Recently, a bunch of pop stars have transformed their hair, either by chopping it all off or by changing its color. Check out the good, the bad and the questionable makeovers below.


Style Hair Makeovers

Rihanna debuted a sleeker look at the MTV Video Music Awards last week. Said stylist Ursula Stephen said of the pop star's decision to shear her hair into a pixie, "She was ready for short hair again."

She was also ready for some new ink. Via Twitter, Rihanna just revealed a snap of her newest tattoo, the goddess Isis, which covers the lower portion of her chest.


When not getting nearly-nude for GQ or releasing new tunes, Lana Del Rey is tweaking her look.

The "Born to Die" singer recently decided to dye her auburn tresses jet black. Whether spurred by the change of the seasons or pure boredom, we think the vampy color change really suits her.


Demi Lovato also visited the salon over the summer, taking her red hair blonde. Since the dye job she's also experimented with colored tips, going pink for at an LA concert and blue for her Teen Choice Awards hosting duties.

She had rinsed all the temporary color out by the VMAs, though, rocking long blonde waves with a red lip and a sexy all-black outfit.


Right about the time she started fraternizing with notorious heartbreaker John Mayer, Katy Perry decided to trim her purple-tipped locks into a sleek bob.

Coincidentally, John also went for a shorter 'do recently. The cuts are improvements; the relationship seems doomed.


Of all the recent hair transformations, Miley Cyrus has captured the most attention for her aggressive chop.

Miley went from a blonde shoulder-skimming bob to a futuristic, shaved-on-the-sides bleached crop similar to styles worn by P!nk and Robyn. Though fan reactions have been negative, Miley is resolutely in favor of the look, tweeting "Never felt more me in my whole life. LOVE my hair. feel so happy, pretty, and free."