Aside from a permanent split with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Rihanna tends to give her fans what they want. You've got steady releases of full length albums coming basically every year--stacked to the brim with hits, collaborated on by some of the most talented folks in music. Her Instagram is arguably the "realest" out there: selfie after selfie posted without shame and often without edits. We've seen her roll a blunt atop a bodyguard's bald head, tip strippers quite generously, and cuddle up to Kate Moss. In case you don't already follow her and you're thinking of starting, she's also a fan of posting inspirational highlighted passages, funny image macros, and throwbacks to the days pre-"Rude Boy".

My personal favorite? Glad you asked:

But that's not what all of her so-called fans want. They want the sexy stuff and like a faithful pop star, Rihanna isn't afraid to deliver. She delivers so well, in fact, that she even won PopDust's official Nakedest Pop Star of 2012 award--an honor, so let us know when you'd like to come collect your trophy, girl. Basically, no one is allowed to say she doesn't give the people what they want.

Meanwhile, there are new naked Rihanna pictures and these ones are contextually sleezier--taken by a stray Pap while Ri was vacationing in her hometown of Barbados. She looks great, duh, and it's not like she should care: By using Instagram to flaunt what she's got, she already has complete control of what fans see. "Hell yeah! I look banging," she probably said. And she's right.

See the photos in question over at Oh No They Didn't.

[Lead photo via Getty]