Though Lady Gaga may be the unofficial Queen of Pop at the moment, her domain is not entire. As of earlier today, Rihanna at least owns one key internet territory, having passed Gaga in number of Facebook fans—approximately 40.5056 million to Gaga's scant 40.5046—getting her the official title of "Queen of Facebook," according to social media statistical tracker Famecount. Rihanna still trails Eminem (43.185 million) as far as all pop stars go, but among the ranks of her own gender, RiRi is the unquestionable #1, and with her fanbase growing at a greater rate than Gaga's, she looks to stay as such for the foreseeable future.

Of course, with Gaga still leading Rihanna over Twitter and on YouTube, as well as having a much greater presence on the Billboard charts this year, the overall title of Queen of Pop is still unquestionably Mother Monster's to lose. But we figure that in the great war for pop music diva supremacy, claiming Facebook as your own personal property is sort of the equivalent to acquiring China in a game of Risk—maybe not quite as good as getting Billboard or Twitter, but still a rather sizable and advantageous hunk of land towards complete world domination. We look forward to sitting back at Popdust with a package of Raisinets—popcorn is so overrated—and watching the two of them duke it out for the crown for the remainder of the 2011 year. Choose your side now, but choose it wisely.