As you've no doubt read already, through our own extensive coverage and that of seemingly ever other major internet publication, of the debacle that was Rihanna Plane (or Rihannaplane, depending on your regional dialect), Ri's time spent serving as de facto in-air tour guide for 150 of the Internet's bloggiest bloggers could've gone a little better. There were complaints of sleeplessness, borderline-imprisonment, public nudity, and worst of all, celebrity neglect, as Fenty herself came under fire for only making appearances on the first and last day of the seven-day jaunt, and snubbing countless journalists in between.

Through Rihanna has shown to be mildly contrite about the less-than-ideal results of the experience, she recently told the BBC in a radio interview that she can't be held entirely responsible for them, either:

It was different having to do your job but also have 200 guests come along with you...They all want you to host a party every time you get on the plane after a show but you really only have that time to sleep until you get to the next country...Sometimes it was a two-hour ride to the next country and that was all the sleep you would get.

All fair, though we hope Rihanna recognizes there's the tiniest bit of difference between "host[ing] a party every time you get on the plane" and just straight up no-showing for five out of seven days of the trip. If she'd just gotten on the horn once or twice a flight and made some sly references to your previous hits—"WHO'S READY TO FIND LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE??" (it doesn't have to actually make sense)—everything would've been all good. Just a tip for next time you decide to lead 150 web journalists into the social media frey, RiRi.