Last month's discovery that Rihanna and Chris Brown were in fact following one another on Twitter, led to all sorts of emotions (anger, confusion and in some cases, happiness) from fans. While it's likely that you wouldn't completely remove your ex from every form of social media (or gradually reintroduce them to your online life if you did have to make a clean break), the public and dramatic way in which their relationship ended (see: the 2009 Grammy Awards and Brown's subsequent assault charge) has led Rihanna fans to be understandably protective of the singer. If mutual following was a cause for concern among her supporters, the message posted from her account Thursday morning should be considered alarming: "I admit it, I provoked Chris to hit me. I't was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY."

Startling words given the controversial circumstances, but is this for real? It would be pretty low for someone to forge comments about domestic violence, but the world is full of surprises (and lots of people with way too much time on their hands). Rihanna's alleged comment comes just two days after Brown tweeted at her, fueling even more rumors about a reunion. "@RIHANNA you got that pic I sent you?" appeared on Brown's feed Monday in what was apparently meant to be a direct message (it's so easy to get confused, isn't it?), before being removed. Brown later tweeted it was a hoax ("poeple, dont listen to the blogs. i never @'d @rihanna. stop tryna make a story out of nothing") claiming that the post was fake. Are these two really trying to get in touch with one another, or is there a heartbroken fan or two out there that won't rest until these one-time lovers reunite? (Twitter: couples' counseling for the 21st century.) There's been no official response from Rihanna on this morning's tweet—which has since been deleted—prompting the notion that the two could either each use some remedial lessons in Twitter messaging, or more secure passwords to their accounts. Eh, probably both.

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Apple says Google Voice app alters iPhone.

Times of Oman (Muscat, Oman) August 30, 2009 Byline: Reuters WASHINGTON: IPhone maker Apple Inc told U.S. regulators it has not approved Google Inc s Voice application, which could challenge the wireless industry s giants, because it interferes with the iPhone "user experience." "Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it," Catherine Novelli, Apple vice president for worldwide government affairs, said in a letter to the FCC. in our site google voice app

The letter was in response to an inquiry launched last month by the FCC, which under new leadership is taking a fresh look into the state of competition in the wireless industry.

The FCC, chaired by Julius Genachowski, wants to know why Apple rejected the Google Voice and what was discussed among Apple, Google and AT&T Inc, the exclusive U.S. carrier for the iPhone.

Responses by the companies were due on Friday. The FCC had no immediate comment.

The application by Google, which has entered the wireless market with its own smartphone operating system called Android, is seen by some as a competitive threat to the voice services that come with the iPhone.

"AT&T was not asked about the matter by Apple at any time, nor did we offer any view one way or the other," said Jim Cicconi, AT&T senior executive vice president for external and legislative affairs. in our site google voice app

T-Mobile, a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG, provides service for Google s Android.

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