Rihanna is the latest performer slated for the MTV Video Music Awards, joining Taylor Swift, One Direction, Green Day, Alicia Keys and Pink. The singer confirmed her status via Twitter on Friday, in between making subtle digs at Joan Rivers and those unable to control their bowel movements.

Even though she's not featured in her own over-the-top promo and doesn't have her face glued to the sides of New York City cabs, RiRi's appearance at the September 6 show will still be highly anticipated, given it's her first since 2010 and because of her tendency to take the stage in minuscule outfits with big-name collaborators. While "Talk the Talk" is her most recent single, Rih's been working her Coldplay collaboration of late, performing "Princess of China" live with the band live at this year's Grammy Awards after turning "We Found Love" into an emotional piano ballad. With reports of a new album coming in 2013, there is always the option of surprising audiences with some new material, though we'd still probably throw our vote in for "We Found Love," because after nearly a year, it remains impossible for us not to let out an excited, yet borderline obnoxious, declaration of "OMGILOVETHISSONG" and immediately head to the dance floor. Yep, 11 months and counting; you still have some work to do Carly Rae Jepsen.

While we speculate Rihanna's possible VMA set list and potential guest performers—is it too early in 1D's career to team up with Princess Rih?—, let's remember her past performances on the show, which include the days of fiery red hair and that memorable (onstage) collaboration with Chris Brown in 2007.

"Love the Way You Lie" Feat. Eminem, 2010

"Live Your Life," Feat. T.I., 2008

"Umbrella" Feat. Chris Brown, 2007