Rihanna's "Battleship" Character Really, Really Likes Weapons

Rihanna's appearance in the upcoming action flick Battleship (yes, based on the game; we know; it's too late to do anything) is probably the only reason lots of people are going to see it; we're guessing the Navy/navy connection is a little too tenuous otherwise. Anyway, here's a video where Rihanna talks about how she developed the incredibly complex character of weapons officer, last-name-basis Raikes. Turns out she follows established movie tradition: how do you develop a strong female character? Oh, just give her one stereotypically macho trait. Like loving weapons. A lot:

She's a weapons officer.... She loves weapons. She knows them. And not only her weapons, but every other weapon on the ship.

For guidance on all this weaponized love, as well as military procedure, Rihanna turned to technical advisor Jacqueline Carrizosa, who's pretty badass in real life (and doesn't even need the standard badass-female-character haircut!) Apparently, Ri took quite a bit of inspiration from her demeanor and tattoos--in her words, "[she was] Raikes!" We're going to hope that she was filled in beforehand and that the following exchange never happened:

"You are Raikes!"

"I'm rakes?"

"No! Raikes!"

"You mean like being rakish or something?"

"No, I mean--"

"Is this some gross new word like bear--"

"Just help me with this salute, OK?"

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