With Unapologetic officially less than one month away, Rihanna's showing no signs of slowing down. Gearing up for the release of a new album has clearly eliminated any time for bra shopping from her schedule, as she was spotted shooing her new video for "Diamonds" sans certain supportive unmentionables. That, or she hasn't found anything that compliments her underboob tattoo.

For the first video from her upcoming seventh disc, Rih turned to frequent collaborator, Anthony Mandler, who's previously helmed clips like "Shut Up and Drive," "Disturbia," "Only Girl in the World," "California King Bed" and "Man Down," capturing a successful mix of mysterious sex appeal and fierce femininity. Borrowing an au courant accessory, Rihanna dodges flames and flaunts her hard body (specifically, her nipples) in a sheer, floor-length gown. The scenery is vague, with dim lighting and smokey backdrops that only invite you to start creating hypothetical plot points in your mind. Is that Chris Brown hiding behind a flaming pile of junk, or the symbolic burning of every concerned word we've ever written about Rihanna's relationship decisions? Check out the photos from the shoot below.