Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" Reviewed: "Farewell"

Track 11: "Farewell"

Sounds Like: A closer.

Pros: As a big ballad, it's a lot better-written and more interesting than "We All Want Love," the album's other potential big live encore. It's produced by Alex da Kid and Ester Dean, but it's got that kind of Ryan Tedder mid-tempo shuffle to it, with the big booming drums and the piano and the heavy diva vocals. The sound fits Rihanna surprisingly well, as she sings about saying goodbye to a man who's leaving on a jet plane and don't know when he'll be back again. "Farewell / somebody's gonna miss you" goes the chorus, and it's pretty hard to argue with that at the end of Talk the Talk.

Cons: Though it fits Rihanna, it may have been a better (or at least more obvious) fit for someone like Beyoncé instead, with a more powerful voice that could really be cranked up to 11. And we're still undecided about the "That somebody's me" at the end of each of the choruses is, explaining who the "somebody" is that's "gonna miss you." We're pretty sure we could've used context clues on that one, Rihanna.

Hard "R" Lyric: Rihanna keeps it tasteful for her big closing number. There is a reference to her being a "big girl" now late in the song, though, and again, in a post-"S&M" world, that can't help sounding the tiniest bit dirty.

Single-Worthy?: Not really. Should make for a nice fan favorite, though, and you gotta have a couple of those per album anyway.

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