Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" Reviewed: "Roc Me Out"

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Track 9: "Roc Me Out"

Sounds Like: A little less bombastic "Hard," with the same kind of chugging tempo and a lot of big-sounding synths and the like, with Rihanna singing with a command and directness befitting of her militaristic alternate persona. It's not her own hardness she's singing about this time, though, as she commands a lover to "give it to me like I want it" and hints at her "dirty secrets"—though, at the end, she lets us in on the dirtiest secret of all: "I just wanna be loved." Awwww, RiRi!

Pros: Rihanna in control is always a many-splendored thing, and you have to appreciate that tonight, she's not exactly letting her man be the captain. Plus, it's sort of an identity-capturing song for Talk That Talk–when people talk about the album way down the line, this is definitely one of the song's they'll be thinking about.

Cons: "Hard" definitely went harder, perhaps not coincidentally, and a couple of Rihanna's sex-kitten come-ons come off a little cheesy ("I’ve been a bad girl, daddy / Won't you come get me?"—really?) Also, petty grievance, do we really need the "k" dropped from "Rock" it the title? Dunno if you heard, Rihanna, but Jiggaman's doing just fine business-wise on his own.

Hard "R" Lyric: "Come over boy, I'm so ready / You’re taking too long to get my head on the ground / And my feet in the clouds." How long exactly is too long, we wonder? So impatient sometimes, that Rihanna.

Single-Worthy?: Very possibly, though it'll be one of those diminishing-return singles where you're like "OK, so this album's obviously tapped, when's the next one coming out?"

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