Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" Reviewed: "We All Want Love"

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Track 7: "We All Want Love"

Sounds Like: The record's first true ballad, with more of a lighter-waving rock slant than the dance and hip-hop-influenced jams that make up the first six tracks. A bluesy electric guitar lick and some accompanying acoustic strumming give the song most of its body (along with that ever-present ghost-synth ping sound heard everywhere in pop these days), while Rihanna sings broken-heartedly about how she "can pretend that I'm not lonely / But I'll be constantly fooling myself."

Pros: It's a change of pace, certainly, and it might make for a nice arm-in-arm singalong at the end of Rihanna's concerts on the inevitable Talk That Talk world tour. (Personally, we hope she's still going with "Cheers (Drink to That).")

Cons: The deliberate pace of "We All Want Love" is kind of a drag, without ever really building to anything, and the chorus sentiment of "We all want someone to there to hold / We all wanna be somebody's one and only," while universal and relatable and all that, is really pretty boring and unremarkable. There's just not that much to this song, which is an unusual and somewhat unfortunate complaint on an album like this.

Hard "R" Lyric: Ri's being a little too busy crying and waxing philosophical on this one to get to her usual standard of filthiness—one line even ends with the word "buck," and there's not the slightest attempt to rhyme it. Disappointing.

Single-Worthy?: With Rihanna releasing five or six singles an album these days, anything's possible—the song's not inaccessible, at the very least. We kinda hope this one stays buried, though.

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