Rihanna and Drake album leaks in back-to-back weeks? Well damn, we're not used to celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving here at Popdust—we're not a department store, after all—but this year, it looks like the holidays are starting mad early for pop fans. Anyway, Rihanna's Talk That Talk is indeed upon us—the girl's sixth full-length album in seven years, impressively enough—and as is par for the course here at the 'Dust, we will be reviewing the entire album, track by track. Join us as we dive deep into what is already being called "the dirtiest pop record since Madonna's Erotica," though forgive us if we might need a couple minutes to catch our breath in between some of the steamier tracks.

Track 1: "You Da One"

Sounds Like: A song that should have been released four or five months ago, the perfect soundtrack to summer-camp romances between 12 and 13-year-olds. "You Da One" is a bubbly little pop song, an obvious retreat from Rihanna's harder-hitting stuff of late. "You da one that I dream about all day / You da one that I think about always," sings Rihanna on the chorus, before concluding with the even gooier sentinment "My love is your love, your love is mine." There's still a dubstep breakdown section, of course—this is a Dr. Luke production, after all—but that doesn't really mean that much anymore.

Pros: Everyone loves summer love, yeah? Rihanna coveys an entire young relationship's worth of unassuming, naive sweetness in each one of her "ay-ay-ay" lyrics on the chorus, and it's hard not be transported a little to that time and feeling when you hear her. Plus, we love the filtered-chorus intro—one of the neater tricks that Rihanna (slash Dr. Luke) has picked up from UK house of late.

Cons: It's a sort of slight song for Rihanna in these days of her pushing towards provocateur status, but perhaps that's something of the point. It certainly makes for a red herring as an album opener, but once again, perhaps an intentional move on Ri's part. It's a grower, in any event.

Hard "R" Lyric: The most overtly freaky is definitely "You shouldn't have give it to me good like that / Shouldn't have hit it like that / Had me yellin' like that," but we're gonna go with the chorus lyric of "You da one / So I'll make sure I behave." After "S&M," the word "behave" is sort of a nasty trump card for Rihanna.

Single-Worthy?: No doubt, but again, it would've sounded a lot better before the leaves had even gotten the idea to start falling from the trees and whatnot. Maybe it'll be huge in Australia or something.