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Rihanna's "Talk That Talk" (The Bonus Tracks) Reviewed: "Do Ya Thing"

Bonus Track #2 "Do Ya Thing"

Sounds Like: A continuation of Rihanna's strange retreat from that hypersexual persona of late. It's basically "You Da One" recorded over a loud '80s synth.

Pros: With all of her NSFW material, this is a complimentary love song with few curse words and a very repetitive chorus that help make it instantly singalong-worthy.

Cons: The confusing, slightly incestuous lyrics ("And you my lover / But I love you like a brother") bring back memories of Angelina Jolie and James Haven at the Oscars, but that's about as shocking as it gets. We're not exactly complaining, but for all the bluster about Talk That Talk being erotic and laced with profanity, this is three less interesting minutes filled with vague descriptions of her feelings, resulting in a hollow declaration that she'll never go away. Maybe our minds are perpetually in the gutter, but we prefer the Naughty RiRi who likes to kiss and tell.

Hard-R Lyric: For a relatively tame track, Rihanna does admit to liking afternoon delights: "Middle of the Day / Give Me What I want / It feels so special / It feels so good."

Single-Worthy? Eh, there's a reason it's a bonus track. If "You Da One" didn't exist, then this would be Talk That Talk's sweet, PG respite amid a long list of much raunchier experiences and conflicted feelings. But if an of-the-moment rapper wanted to lay down a guest verse, radio would eat it up.

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