Andrea True, best known for her disco hits of the mid to late '70s—most notably, the classic top ten hit "More, More, More"—as well as the unconventional career path she took to get to her music career, died at the age of 68 on November 7th at the Gilpatric-VanVliet Funeral Home in Kingston, New York. Her passing, the cause of which has not been released, went unreported nationally until recently.

True, born Andrea Marie Truden, first came to national prominence as an actress. She started out acting in mainstream films, getting a minor part in The Way We Were, but found much greater success in the adult film industry, starring in dozens of hardcore porn movies, like The Seduction of Lyn Carter, Doctor Feelgood and Deep Throat Part II. After shooting a commercial in Jamaica and not being permitted to leave the country with her pay, she decided to use the money to locally finance a song written by her producer friend Gregg Diamond, for which she sang the vocals. After bringing the song back to the states and having it remixed by disco legend Tom Moulton, the resulting product, "More, More, More," became a disco smash, charting at #4 in 1976.

True released three albums and several singles after "More, More, More" (as the Andrea True Connection) the most successful of which was the #27 hit "N.Y., You Got Me Dancing," but never quite matched the success of her first single, which still holds up as one of the most sublime recordings of its era. "More, More, More" has lived on throughout the decades, as it was sampled for the hook for LEN's similarly blissful "Steal My Sunshine" in the late-'90s, covered on singles by pop artists Bananarama and Rachel Stevens, featured prominently in TV shows like The Simpsons and Sex and the City, and even recently used to soundtrack a Honey Bunches of Oats commercial.

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