Got a few spare minutes? Check out this interview Rita Ora did with Power 106. Amid the tidbits about football-watching and dating (neither of which Rita's really doing right now), we learn all this:

- The album, which she said will be out sometime this year, has got your usual names--Drake, whose contribution we've already seen in "RIP," The-Dream and Ester Dean--and it's got one slightly less usual but pretty plausible: up-and-comer and astonishingly frequent feature credit Azealia Banks. Possible. Rita said she's "got the track," but that doesn't guarantee anything.

As far as names she'd like it to have, there's Rihanna--Rita said she'd "definitely" want to work with her, but the question had awkward silence for the obvious reasons (I mean, even the names look really similar that close together), and she clarified it with "maybe one day." And then there's Gwen Stefani, for whom Rita has some major megafandom. How major, how mega? Have two quotes:

If I do meet Gwen, I'll probably jump in a bush. (laughs) (ed. note: The interview was outside near some bushes, so it's not totally random.)... Hella Good changed my life. It made me really want to do this.

She also said she'd "definitely" want to work with Rihanna, although amid some awkward silence and couched in "Maybe one day."

- Rita Ora doesn't use Instagram; the one that exists is fake. She does use TwitPic, though she calls it TweetPeek. As you read this, someone is probably founding a startup called that. (They'll have to deal with the fact that the domain's taken, but you know.)

- What does she use? Hot sauce. There is about two minutes this that's basically a show-and-tell. It's kind of awesome.