Robert Pattinson's Ice Bucket Challenge Video Is Ridiculously Adorable

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Robert Pattinson is the latest - and by FAR the best - celebrity to undertake the ALS ice bucket challenge.

Rob was nominated by his pal Zac Efron, who posted the video online as Rob has zero social media accounts.

"Thanks for your nomination, Efron. Thanks very much," Rob said. "I couldn't find a bucket at such short notice, so I had to improvise."

When he says "improvise", he means it. Some mystery person dumps a saucepan of ice over his head and then sprays him with a hose, before launching empty plastic cups at him while he nominates three people to try the challenge.

Rob's nominees? Guy Pearce, Mia Wasikowska and Marilyn Manson.

Watch the video, but be warned - you WILL fall in love with Rob all over again!

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