Robin Thicke Is Banging A Teenage Model, Because....Duh...Robin Thicke

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Robin Thicke is getting hot and heavy with a model. Wait….what? A pop star sleeping with a model?!!! How original! But wait- it gets weirder! She’s real young, slim and attractive too. Go figure.

So, according to TMZ, said catwalking fetus is 19-year-old April Love Geary... and news of the budding romance leaked after she posted a number of selfies of herself posing in a grand looking house... that with a little research—AKA comparing the selfies to pics of Robin's abode, revealed the home was, in fact that of the 37-year-old!

In particular, it was a selfie, dated April 2, of April lounging in a bed that blew their cover. That’s why vanity is one of the 7 Deadly Sins.

The headboard and photo above the bed were found to be an exact match to the ones in Thicke's bedroom. Next she posted a shot of a bunch of roses with the caption "Look what I got." Once again, the surrounding furniture was identical to Thicke's.

And then, November 1, yet another April selfie...once again, matching R. Thicke’s love den.

April and Robin have reportedly been getting hot and heavy for several months now, and likely have been enjoying many nights of stimulating conversation and debate...perhaps a game of chess or two.

As Popdust previously reported, back in February, Thicke announced he was splitting from wife Paula Patton, after 8 years of marriage—they have a 3-year-old son together.

Despite a slew of reports to the contrary, the Blurred Lines singer denied cheating on Patton, insisting instead, that the reason she left him was because he is a douche.

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