Robin Thicke Just Reinvigorated Alan Thicke's Musical Career

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A selection of highlights from the musical career of Canadian actor Alan Thicke:

1970: Under the name A.J. Thicke, the 23-year-old future Growing Pains star releases a novelty single, "The Wondrous Bobby Orr," which pays tribute to the career of Pittsburgh Penguins great Bobby Orr. The song is not on YouTube, but physical copies occasionally pop up online for less than $50.

1984: Thicke hosts a short-lived late-night talk show called Thicke of the Night. He also sings the theme song:

1988: Thicke performs his gym-themed "Sweaty and Hot" at the Crystal Light National Aerobics Championships. The song is not released as a single.

2008: Thicke makes a cameo appearance in a music video by fictional How I Met Your Mother pop star Robin Sparkles.

2013: Thicke guests on his son Robin's "Ain't No Hat 4 That." Ironically, as you can see in the image above, Robin Thicke very clearly does have a hat for that.