I didn't expect to be writing about the Comedy Awards this morning, but lots of things happened this morning (by 8 a.m., even!) that I didn't expect, so here we go: E! had a little chit-chat with comedian/actor/multi-hyphenate Robin Williams at the ceremony and had a few grumblings about the apocalypse and its associated signs, some of which are apparently associated with Britney. Then he said this about Spears' fiancé/manager Jason Trawick being added to the singer's conservatorship: "That's kind of a double bill. It's like having your dealer as your therapist."

Dealers and therapists! Two provocative words that provoked the world's stans pretty thoroughly, resulting in all sorts of comments like "who asked you anyway, Robin?" (that would be E!) and "what do you know, anyway?" (probably as much as the Internet commentariat, if not more).

But really, though. Let's put aside the details of who said this and when and why and how off-the-cuff it might've been--it pretty much was--and let's focus on the situation here, which has still never been explained more concisely than in Rolling Stone back in 2008: "Britney today has about as many legal rights as when she was in the Mickey Mouse Club." Add to that all the creepiness of your husband having control over all your life decisions, multiply this by all the creepiness of your boss--current or former--having control over all your life decisions, and you've got an equation nobody ever wants to think about, let alone live. He's got a point amid the yuks.

Or we can just go the feud angle and say Robin Williams totally has it out for her. That's always fun. Good thing he's not on Twitter, or this could turn into an entire news cycle.