Maybach Music Group up-and-comer Rockie Fresh has been getting some good buzz for his latest mixtape, Electric Highway, preceding what will no doubt be a big 2013 for the 21-year-old rapper. We think the mixtape's fine and all, but really, we seized onto one lyric, from the statement-of-independence opening track, "The Future," which concerns none other than our 2012 Artist of the Year. To wit:

Now it’s white mountain nearin’, other rappers I ain’t hearin’

I’d rather listen to Taylor Swift than most of you niggas

Makes sense to us that Fresh would rather listen to Taylor then most of his rap peers. After all, Taylor spits the best dis tracks, makes the most money, and has been unofficially christened the Baddest Bitch in America, thus giving her about 500x the hip-hop cred of the great majority of rappers out there.

And hey, who wouldn't rather listen to Taylor Swift than most of you, uh, people? Have you heard that album Red? There are some real good songs on that album.