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Meme Watch: Roll Safe gives genius tips to the dummies

Young and fresh entrepreneur Roll Safe stars for a brief moment in a BBC program called "Hood Documentary"

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Roll Safe is a businessman... I think.

Referring to himself in the third-person as Roll Safe (a.k.a RS) he describes to one of BBC's documentarians why he likes his girlfriend, Rachel. You see, he's brought to this restaurant for a fancy lunch because it's her birthday. And why's that? What's there to like? Well...

"She's got a good head on her. Great head."

"Are you attracted to intelligence, RS?"

"She's got good brains... hah!"

As he and Rachel slip into the restaurant Roll Safe turns and taps his temple, the universal indicator of vast and potent knowledge and thus the meme was born.

You see, it's good advice. The meme is more helpful than anything else. Potentially we're looking at the first thoroughbred edu-meme. That's industry speak for "educational meme."

Check out a few more quality Roll Safe pro tips.

That's just solid logic.

That one seems closer to Roll Safe's heart.

This meme just gets pettier and pettier.

Let's break into a bit of analysis here. This might seem like a bit of a rehash of the classic text copypasta "pro tip," but I think there's a little more too it than that. There's an element of first-person mockery that could prove particularly useful (and hilarious) for these dark times. Can you think of anyone huge dipsh*ts who think they've got the frickin' keys lately? Perhaps someone signing executive orders faster than J. Cole's ghostwriter writes 7/10 albums?

Yeah. I think Roll Safe is gonna do just fine.

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