"Rolling in the Deep" Gets a Canine Makeover

Thanks to the response to the corgi-fied version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," the minds at The Pet Collective have brought our attention to another musical canine. Adele is not the only one who has experienced heartbreak—or know how to turn it into a highly profitable, attention-grabbing song. As pet owners may know, the bond between human and furry friend runs deep, creating a slew of separation issues that's led to our culture's acceptance of carrying pooches in purses. In the latest version of animal parodies, a big-eyed, huge-hearted friend named "Pawdele" is saddened when his master fails to play catch or scratch his belly all afternoon, opting instead to walk out the front door for a few hours, thus sending his pet into a high-pitched, shot-by-shot remake of the "Rolling in the Deep" video. Pawdele's uncertainty causes him to assume the worst, and he quickly transforms his home into the set of 21's iconic video, fetching one hundred water bowls—just so the pounding bass can reverberate through them and reiterate how much he's feeling at this point in time—in less than 30 seconds. Maybe Corgi Rae Jepsen helped him with that one?

If The Pet Collective is taking requests, we'd like to see "Mercy" next, please. Watch below.


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