Romanian Pop Diva Alexandra Stan Returns With 'Cherry Pop'

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Alexandra Stan had a huge novelty hit a few years ago with the infectious "Mr. Saxobeat." Maybe you remember it? She released a few singles afterwards but none of them took off, and then she just seemed to disappear completely. Now she's back and trying to get things moving again with a new single called "Cherry Pop," which is both a euphemism for genitalia and an excuse for some booty poppin' choreography.

The electro-pop tune sounds quite outdated (it even contains a dubstep breakdown), but that's to be expected from camp europop. Like most of Alexandra's singles, it's definitely catchy, and you'll probably end up with the repetitive hook stuck in your head after just one spin.

The accompanying music video looks like an assortment of K-pop videos --specifically A Pink, 2NE1, and f(x)-- that have been fed through a euro-trash compactor and then mechanically regurgitated. I still haven't quite figured out if that's a good thing or not.

It's not "Mr. Saxobeat," "Get Back," or the amazing "Lemonade," but it's... fun.